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Easyleaver® bed grab rail

Heavy Duty Easyleaver? bed grab rail

Standard Easyleaver? bed grab rail

Guarantee 3 years

If you are looking for a high specification Bed Grab Rail, there really is nothing on the market to equal the Easyleaver® for quality and durability.

Manufactured from high grade steel tube using our patented Torque Tube™ construction, this superb Bed Grab Rail is immensely strong and rigid.The complete lack of flexing ensures that none of the userís pulling effort is wasted - while the
central bar provides an extra grab handle and allows the Easyleaver® to sit comfortably within bar spacing guidelines.

Universally smooth surfaces and a detergent resistant finish make it simple to clean the Easyleaver® thoroughly. The exceptionally tough nylon finish also protects the steel against damage, even after many years of constant use.

The Easyleaver® is very quick and easy to assemble without tools. A double clip attaches the components securely in place. Dismantling is just as quick, making it ideal for frequent
relocation or travelling.

Bariatric versions are also available.
Please contact for details.

Easyleaver® bed grab rail (EASY350)


Width 17"
Length 31"
Handle height 19"
Weight 9.5 lbs
Max user weight 350 lbs

Easyleaver® Light Bed Grab Rail (EASY238)


Width 14"
Length 24"
Handle height 19"
Weight 9 lbs
Max user weight 238 lbs

Both include strap kits