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Guarantee 1 year

Let your walkers do the carrying with the EasyCaddy™

Let your walkers do the carrying with the EasyCaddy™Ideal for carrying meals from the kitchen, medication or glasses. A cordless phone can now always be available. Cleverly designed to take a standard plate with room to spare for a drink. Even if it spills, no problem, it all stays in the caddy which is so easy to keep clean and hygienic. Both hands are free to hold the walker so the user remains independent, other people no longer need to fetch and carry.
The walker caddy consists of a outer case and tray which allows for carrying personal items and meals easily and with confidence. Simple to attach, it is light
but sturdy, and will not upset the balance of the frame.
Developed by healthcare professionals
to enable users of wheeled walking frames to safely transport a variety of daily living items. With one large and
one small compartment to allow the
user to separate items. Includes a tray, that is designed to safely transport a
plate of food, and a mug holder, which holds any spillages. The caddy fits easily
to the walker. The tray removes to allow items to be placed safely inside.

Width without tray 17"
Width with tray 18"
Depth with tray 12 1/4"
Height 8"
Total weight 2 pounds
Max carrying weight 4.5 pounds
Do not exceed maximum weight.

Not suitable for carrying animals, children or adults.